Local Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

A Clear, Methodical, Data Driven, and Detail Oriented Approach


Introduction to Effective SEO

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry has changed dramatically over the past two decades. The FNCTN approach to ongoing SEO consists of a combination of technical monitoring, on-site content production, off-site content collaboration, and press relations. There are hundreds of ever-changing ranking factors that Google and other search engines consider when determining what content to show in each search engine results page (SERP). These ranking factors are a combination of technical optimizations and content classification. Our approach leverages modern tools to measure key performance and key lead indicators which makes forward progress trivial to identify and measure.

Dealing with Google Changes - Ongoing Technical Optimizations

Google updates its algorithm hundreds of times per year. Most of these changes are not announced, and details regarding algorithm shifts are seldom provided short of anecdotal evidence observed in the search community. SEO is a game of constant vigilance. A technically well optimized web property may be best in class one week, and a perfect example of what not to do the next. Staying on top of things requires tight synchronization between technology and search marketing teams. Our ongoing technical monitoring process involves staying on top of current SEO best practices, checking your web property against these best practices, informing the responsible technology team of needed adjustments, and ensuring they are made according to prioritization. With a solid cadence in place, a website can remain strong and sure footed in organic and local organic performance. That is, of course, if the content piece of the strategy is well executed.

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Producing and Publishing On-Site & Off-Site Content

The job of a search engine is to provide relevant, helpful content and information in response to a request submitted by a user. If it does not do this, it is failing in its core utilitarian purpose. Understanding this fact and accepting it as a primary driving force in your ongoing search marketing strategy is critical. Both our on-site and off-site ongoing content production results not only in a strong and healthy link profile (still probably the most important ranking factor amongst all search engines), it also mitigates the risk of penalties from algorithm changes which most often impact properties that are trying to game search algorithms versus provide meaningful content. We leverage institutional knowledge of your business to either guide content production led by your internal team, or we produce the content for you on a recurring schedule and publish it on your behalf. Content that is published is rich, leverages modern search technology such as structured data and AMP (accelerated mobile pages), and is informed by keyword discovery. Ultimately, all the content will work together to paint a consistent and succinct picture of your business, its culture, and its purpose. To ensure this content ranks for competitive, high-volume terms, we also work simultaneously with off-site publications to secure inbound links from relevant, high authority properties.

Link earning is still a crucial component of any ongoing search marketing campaign. There are so many creative ways to effectively build an authoritative, consistent, trust-worthy link profile. The FNCTN team works with stakeholders from your business to consider the possibilities, often leaning on the strengths of your offering. The secret recipe varies client to client but rest assured that our tailored tactical approach to link earning for your business will be obvious, will scale with efficacy, and will be measurable.

Measuring Search Marketing Effectiveness - The Goal is Forward Progress

KPIs/KLIs are defined up front in the strategy and reported against each month/quarter as a part of your ongoing campaigns. Some examples of KLIs are page and domain authority and number of linking domains, while KPIs are increases in organic and local organic traffic, improved organic conversion rates and actual conversions. Modern, enterprise-grade tools are leveraged by our team to drive decisions, monitor progress, and make modifications to the tactical approach.

SEO is still a great investment for certain businesses. If implemented properly, the ROI increases over time because the residual value of work performed is not diminished even if SEO spend is decreased. This contrasts with other channels such as CRM marketing or paid search, which only deliver value if they are turned on. FNCTN SEO is a fantastic solution for both B2B and B2C endeavors which can benefit from online traffic, whether its direct conversions such as e-commerce purchases, hot lead generation, or even brand awareness. Our approach is clear, methodical, data driven, and detail oriented. We have achieved verifiable results, driving tens of millions of dollars in additional annual revenue for some of our clients.